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Bridging the gap between rights-owners and sponsors.


What is Sponsorshop?

The sponsorshop is a digital eco-system that connects prospective sponsors with the individuals, events, organisations and agencies that will most effectively deliver on their specific mutual objectives.

Access to the latest and most relevant opportunities as well as regular thought-leadership articles will be available to registered users.

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How it works

Registered users will be connected with their ideal sponsor, property or agency through the sponsorshop's automatic match-making process.

Defined objectives (Sponsors) are paired with Opportunities (Rights Owners) and / or specialist services (Agencies) that align with what the sponsor is looking for within a stated tolerance level.

Rights Owners in turn will be notified of which Sponsor(s) could be potential partners based on their areas of interest, and offered the opportunity to connect in order to take the conversation further.

Agencies are able to identify the Rights Owners and Sponsors that would benefit from their area of speciality.

Agencies Sponsors Rights

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Advantages include:

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Rights Owners

Rights Owners are either individuals, events or organisations that offer a set of defined rights to a sponsor(s) in return for a financial investment, value-in-kind services, resources & products  and / or a combination thereof.

A formal association that is mutually beneficial is established between the rights owner and a sponsor at the conclusion of a sponsorship agreement.

Rights owners can vary from host cities, broadcasters, national sports federations, professional franchises, clubs and athletes as well as amateur sports disciplines participated in by clubs, universities, schools and individuals. Host stadiums and events promoters fall into this category too.


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Agencies cover a broad spectrum of speciality skills and services. The sponsorship industry consists of the following agencies:


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Sponsors are typically corporate organisations who invest in a particular rights owner(s) to deliver on pre-defined objectives that form part of a broader business strategy. Individuals whose intentions are either business-related, philanthropic or  intended to gain awareness within their broader community / region, fall within this category.

A sponsorship agreement is usually entered into with the intention of achieving a commercial and/or social benefit to the relevant sponsor(s).

As such, Corporate Social Initiatives also fall within a sponsor’s areas of interest.


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